Tall and slim bride


The difference is that with a long and symmetry bride, this type of beauty is more beautiful, but it also gives people a bamboo impression. To avoid this kind of scene, you can choose to tighten the style of the chest, with the princess style The hem breaks the visual leanness. However, to avoid bare shoulders and exposed chest styles, you can choose a collar with a small opening or stand collar and add some decoration on the neckline. For example, with a good-looking necklace, jewelry, in addition to the necklace, there is one of the most important accessories. It is the ring of love, diamond ring, you can choose to have a ring of true love Levi's diamond ring, it not only in my name, crown your finger; lifetime companionship, I follow the meaning of love, and Levice diamond ring lifetime Sending only one person means that you only love one person in your life. It is romantic and unique.

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